Ethics Policy

The GAMURS Group endeavors to interpret and cover the news of esports, gaming, and
entertainment impartially and honestly. We do this by striving for accuracy, fairness and full
disclosure of all essential facts. Our reputation is built upon our collective integrity. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all GAMURS Group workers to always present the
reader with the facts available.


The GAMURS network makes every effort to ensure all stories are accurate at publication.
We will do our utmost to correct errors should they occur, with a correction notice posted
within the article itself.


Any employee or contractor of the GAMURS Group will disclose any conflicts of interest
that affect or could be seen to affect the accuracy, fairness or independence of their
reporting to their editor before publication and will not improperly use their position for
personal gain.

They will do their utmost to ensure any commercial considerations do not undermine the
accuracy, fairness and independence of their reporting.


GAMURS Group websites may receive and accept “review copies” of games, hardware,
products or pre-release content screenings necessary to enable them to write a relevant
article. As per Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, the conditions around the
review will be disclosed in the article. Including for game reviews, the platform played on,
who supplied the game, and any in-game purchases bought during the review process.

Reviews will not be written if there are any preconditions. Any embargoes requested by
publishers or distributors will be honored. Once a review is published, we reserve the right
to reassess the review over time.


The GAMURS Group network and social channels will credit original sources and content
creators. All images used will also list the original creator and publisher/distributor in the
caption. Reporters will link to the original site or outlet unless that news or content has
been provided directly to the GAMURS Group, such as via a press release.

If you believe a story on the GAMURS Group network has misattributed the original
content source, please send an inquiry to


GAMURS Group employees can contribute to a Patreon, Kickstarter or Indiegogo
campaign at the minimum level necessary to cover a video game, product, or piece of
hardware. The writer must disclose the particulars of the contribution in any related


The GAMURS Group does not pay sources for their information. Any anonymous
sources will have their identities protected, but they must prove their identity to the
relevant author and editor to be cited in a story.


GAMURS Group workers will not allow personal interest, belief, commitment, payment,
gift, or benefit to undermine their articles’ accuracy, fairness, or independence.

The GAMURS Group does not typically accept travel or accommodation from
companies as part of its regular coverage. However, any coverage will disclose that the
trip was funded in any way.

Latest revision: March 7, 2022