Andrej Barovic
Strategic Content Writer, English Major. Been in writing for 3 years. Focused mostly on the world of gaming as a whole, with particular interest in RPGs, MOBAs, FPS, and Grand Strategies. Favorite titles include Counter-Strike, The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Sekrio, and Kenshi. Cormac McCarthy apologetic.

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Helldiver in the Democratic Detonation armor
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Character standing in front of a bonfire in Valheim Ashlands
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Lara Croft drawing an arrow with her bow.
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An edit of the Olive Skimmer skin for Peni Parker in Marvel Rivals.
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Kai Cenat showing off an Elden Ring themed background for his stream room.
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A group of four Helldivers carry various weapons, like assault rifles and missile launchers, in Helldivers 2.
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Donk, from Team Spirit, stares forward at a media day for CS:GO.
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V Rising's cover image with two vampires.
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Image of a level in Animal Well shaped like a heart.